Warranty Warranty

Dear users:

First of all, please allow me to extend my heartfelt acknowledgement to the users who have bought the instrument of our company. Hope our products and service could bring you courteous reception. At the same time, please kindly be noted of the requirements below:

(I)Term of service: Two year (Since the date of invoice filled when purchasing)

(II)Service procedure

a. If users need service, please present this warranty card and purchase invoice.

b. When the instrument needs service, please place the instrument into the original packaging box and send to our company with the warranty card.

c. Any products that accord with the service range will be repaired by our company free of charge without any repair cost and components cost.

d. Any delivery charge will be on the user’s expenses.

(III) Non-Warranty Scope

a. Falling short of the service procedure.

b. After the demolition of their own equipment, assembly, or not authorized by the Company's maintenance unit.

c. There is battery leakage and circuit board corrosion due to it.

d. The instrument has been damaged due to violent drop, strike, or other abnormal incidents.

e. The instrument is installed, operated or maintained not according to the primary instruction.

(IV)Our company will charge reasonable components cost for the instrument that is in non-warranty scope based on tenet of serving the customers.

(V) Free service excludes the replacement of fuse, battery and all accessories.

(VI)Our company is irresponsible for any lost arose when used.

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